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      2. welcome to Baoji BaoTi Metal Products Co., Ltd.!

        Corporate philosophy: Coherence and common development.

        Corporate vision: Leading the Chinese titanium industry to the world, constantly improving the happiness index and quality of life of Baoti people, and building Baoti into a spiritual home of happiness, sunshine and peace.

        Corporate values: A good life comes from dedication, and harmony is derived from development.

        Entrepreneurial spirit: Harmony, integrity and prosperity, and innovation and development.

        Corporate mission: Create the titanium era with our wisdom and labor.

        Corporate style: vigorous and vigorous, said to do.

        Quality policy: Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of the company.

        Brand spirit: broad, high and deep.

        The core concept of integrity culture: dedication and love, honest and honest.

        The “six consciousnesses” necessary for Baoti people: worry consciousness, market awareness, responsibility consciousness, cost consciousness, efficiency consciousness, and innovation consciousness.

        The three qualities and the intensified three acts of the Baoti people must be constantly improved:

        Political quality, ideological quality, and professional quality.

        Loyal behavior, professional behavior, learning behavior.


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