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        4 reasons to choose a titanium watch

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        Because of its light weight, hardness, anti-corrosion and colorful properties, titanium is now increasingly used in the manufacture of watches, making it a hot watchmaking material. Titanium is hard, 30% harder than steel, lighter than steel and highly resistant to corrosion. Titanium watches are comfortable to wear, because they are distinguished from nickel and do not irritate the skin, even if they are worn when sweating. In addition, because of its light and hard texture, titanium watches are more durable.

        1, as light as Yan

        In order to reduce the weight of the wrist, the watchmakers use titanium to make the case. Titanium is twice as light as steel. Many jewelry designers even use titanium to make large earrings, and the wearer can hardly feel any weight.

        2, hard to remind

        For watches with high prices, the wearer must of course be very careful to avoid bumps. But titanium watches can dispel the doubts of the wearer. Titanium is 30% harder than steel and is very resistant and solid. In addition to watchmaking, titanium is also the material of choice for high-tech industries such as aerospace, aerospace, and medical.

        3, never spoil

        Titanium also has a very magical use for the manufacture of submarines, which are based on the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium. Titanium can be soaked in seawater for 5 years without the corrosion of silk, and the ordinary steel has long deteriorated.

        4, a variety of colors

        Another advantage of titanium is that it has a variety of colors. Blue, purple, green onion, etc., titanium can change a variety of colors, called the chameleon in the metal world.


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